Simone Gozzano

Simone Gozzano graduated in Rome “La Sapienza” (Magna cum Laude), and got his Ph.D. at the University of Genoa (Highest rank). He has been visiting fellow at Tuft University and post-doc visiting scholar at Rutgers University. He was also Visiting professor at Durham (U.K.) and Erasmus Mundus Visiting Professor at the Université de Liègé (Belgium). Presently he is full professor and dean of the Department of Humanities at the University of L’Aquila. He has written 4 books with leading publishers in Italy, (Armando, Laterza, Utet, Carocci), has edited three books, (Editori Riuniti, Ontos Verlag, Cambridge University Press), and he is the author of more than 30 papers on international venues and about 50 papers on national venues (everything single-authored).

His main interests are in the Philosophy of Mind – the relation between thought and language, the architecture of the mind, types of epistemic states – and in Metaphysics – the mind-body problem, dispositions, the nature of properties.